It’s time to embark on a new design. It could be a design for your website, your brand or even your business card.
you’ve got yourself a designer and a great idea for a design. How do you get that design out of your head and communicate it to your designer so they will produce something you will be happy with. Your answer is to create a design brief.

What is a design brief?

A design brief is something you put together to communicate your ideas to your design. You need to write this brief to to communicate your outcomes, expectations and ideas to the designer.

If you communicate your ideas clearly in a design design brief you will ensure you get a quality design that meets and exceeds your expectations.

So do you write an effective design brief?

To write a good design brief you need to ask yourself some questions, and then those answers will form your design brief. Make sure you provide as much information and detail as possible in the brief.

Your brief should outline what your company does as your designer may not have worked in your field before and the more information they know about it the better.

You should explain who your target market is or who your customer is so the design can be tailored to them. You want to list things like age, demographic, geography, lifestyle and specific industries they might work in.

What is the medium you are wanting to produce this piece of communication on? a website, brochure, email marketing (EDM) or social media. Be specific and make sure you think about this as it will effect the design.

What will be need to complete this design? will the design require copy / text, logos or images? are you going to supply them or do you require the designer to produce these things as well? If so does your designer or design company do this and/or can they recommend someone that can write great copy and take great photos.

Do you have any references that you can provide to the designer? Other design you’ve seen that you like, other companies that are communicating well that you would like to emulate. Colours, images, copy anything you can think of it is better to provide it so they know what you want.

What Is Your Budget?

Providing a budget is a great idea so everyone knows where they stand before any work is done. If you designer thinks you budget is unrealistic, providing a budget will make that conversation happen before the job starts and not at the end, which is better for everyone involved. Also the better you write your brief the quicker the design can work and the less money you should spend.

What is the time line / deadline?

It is also great to give the project a deadline. This sets your expectations for the projects completion and again if the designer doesn’t think they can meet that deadline they will have the conversation before the jobs starts avoiding difficult conversations down the line.

Basically it might take you some time to compile a design brief but it will make your dealings with a design so much easier for not only you but your designer. You will find that they appreciate the work you have put into the brief and take your job and you seriously. Not to mention you will get a design much more to your liking that if you hadn’t done one at all as designer are not mind readers.


Creative Soldier offer design, copywriting, photography and production for all your projects let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and work through a design brief so you get exactly what you want.