Your brand is underway, your products and services are streamlined, now all you need to do is communicate to your audience. Traditionally, brochures have been the best method of delivering a message to a larger audience. With technology on the increase, this seems to be on the decline, however there are a lot of situations where a brochure is still the most ideal solution to marketing your brand.

So while brochures are still in demand, we have come up with a few handy tips to help you through the process of designing your brochure.
The first questions to ask yourself is: Where is this brochure going and what is my message? Once this is established, you can move on to the next few steps.

Types of brochures

  • Leave behind brochures – is a brochure you might leave with a customer.
  • Point-of-Sale brochure – these often sit next to a display or given at conferences etc. Theses brochures are picked up and read later.
  • An information brochure – responds to inquires and includes information about a product or service.
  • Mailer – this is either mailed (via snail mail) to a mass audience.


After design is complete, the next step is to copywriting. The copy needs to communicate your message clearly and succinctly. With printed brochures, the rule is less is more. People are more likely to read your brochure if information is easy to read. Pages full of text are most likely avoided. The most important part of the copy is your call to action. This might be a request for your customer to contact you, call you, email you etc.

Photography and images

Compelling images speak volumes. Images need to relate to your audience, so avoid generic images. If you’re using stock images from getty, istockphoto or shutterstock, be considerate of cultural inconsistencies, relevance and avoid images that look a little too staged.


Make sure the colours you’ve chosen represent your brand. Start with colours already represented in your logo and work towards a palette of complimentary shades or tones.

Next step

Once these elements are ready, all you need to do is hand this to your trusted designer along with your logo artwork and relevant contact information and let them make magic happen. Or at the very least I well designed brochure.

And remember
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