Why do you need professional product photography?

Consider this scenario: You’ve just started a business. You’ve invested thousands of dollars on the setup, you’ve hired a designer to create a website, yove spent hours developing your brand and you’re even doing your own of social media marketing. Great. You’re already ahead of the game. The only problem – your products look kinda terrible.

Maybe you have a business online selling actual physical product people can buy over the internet or maybe you have a restaurant and people will look at your website and see if your place is the next place they are going for dinner. So we know what we are taking about we’ll call all of these things the product you are selling and we’ll tell you why great product photography is the best way to show case what you sell and get you customers buying, calling or walking through the door.

These days everyone has there own digital camera, a friend who takes photos as a hobby or knows someone who takes amazing instagram shots. Why would you consider paying a professional photographer for product photography services when you can get it done on the cheap?

The answer: Professional photography adds value to your product in the eyes of the consumer.

So the why isn’t an iPhone or my friends picture good enough?

When a potential customer looks at your products on your website, your online profile pages, or any place you submit your photos to, they are trying to see if what you are selling if of value to them. They either want a great price or want to be associated with your brand. An art dealer wants to know if your work is something they will be able to sell. The doting husband wants to wow his wife on their anniversary. Your customers are weighing up many judgements when looking at a photo of your product. They are judging whether you take your product as seriously as you’re asking them to. They are also looking at your pictures to see if they can trust that your company will be around for a while. No one wants to buy from a company that can’t support their purchase.

You have made a decision as a business to promote yourself because you believe that what you have to offer is valuable. It is important to back that commitment to your business, your craft, and yourself in every aspect of that promotion and marketing process.

A professional photographer will:

– Photograph your products based on your brief and there understanding of your business and the market you work within. They have the experience to understand what you need and the skills and equipment to make it happen.
– Understand photography trends. They know that a badly styled photograph is as bad a bad photograph.
– Choose the right lens that works for your product.
– Bring there creative influence to the project so your photography doesn’t look like everyone else’s
– Have the software and training needed to process your images, edit them, and color manage them for web and various printing mediums. This results in a final image that says to your audience “This product is the real deal!”
– Take a personal interest in you and your business. A professional photographer takes pictures for a living and has a vested interest in your success.
– Have a relationship with networks of stylists, artists, agencies, and magazines.

At the end of the day, professional photography can help you maximize the value you get out of your product in the marketplace. That value will greatly outweigh the cost of hiring them. It can be the difference of acceptance in a major art exhibition or not, the difference of being relegated to etsy and having your inbox full of requests to carry your jewelry, the difference of your product sold on your website to being sold in a major retailer, and the difference of your restaurant being busy on Saturday or every day.

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